Netflix’s revival of ‘Gilmore Girls’ will sacrifice authenticity for viewership

Eight years and thousands of cups of coffee later and it’s official: Netflix is in talks with “Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to revive the beloved series about the Stars Hollow dynamic mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

The revival is said to include four 90-minute episodes. While it is a nice attempt by Sherman-Palladino to sneak in the last four words that she had always envisioned to end the show with (she wasn’t involved in the final season), this is just too little, too late.

While I, along with many other die hard fans will watch the continuation of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix with mixed feelings, it will leave many as unsatisfied as the final season did.

This is for several different reasons. Season seven was without Amy Sherman-Palladino, and thus the whole charm and comedy of the show left as well, which made for a lackluster ending. 

Even though Sherman’s charisma will be included, it will be on Netflix meaning that most will sit down for a straight six-hour binge of the show. 

Six hours is simply not enough. Most Stars Hollow residents last through the dance marathon longer than six measly hours. Fans always want more and more, but in this case, it will not be delivered.

Netflix is in the work of reviving old series like “Arrested Development” and “Full House,” but their logic is not to serve these shows justice. Netflix knows people cannot help but watch their favorite shows until the end of time.

Someone’s own personal imagination for what their favorite characters went off to do may be nice to think about, but it is not as concrete as actually seeing it.

Netflix abuses the knowledge that viewers will not let their favorite stories end, no matter how much time has passed.

Time has passed, and it is unknown whether the cast members that are in the position to be a part of the reboot will even want to join. Another issue with time is that the sloppy storylines of the final season cannot be undone.

Since we are at a crossroads, fans might as well start making their predictions, and here’s what I think:

April must be cut completely. I have nothing against the kid, but she ruined things for Luke and Lorelai. She’s old enough to have gone away to college, so while mentioning her might be necessary, her presence is not. The only other entity that should be involved with Luke and Lorelai is Paul Anka and maybe some of Paul Anka’s puppies since they have room for that in the Twickham house.

Rory is obviously killing it as a White House Correspondent and still manages to fly down from D.C. every week for Friday night dinners.

Emily, the last Gilmore girl is the main reason I have a bone to pick with the show being rebooted. It is hard to imagine a continuation of the show being properly done without Edward Herrmann. I don’t see Emily, or her maid of the week, fairing well without Richard.

While the “Gilmore Girls” viewership thinks this is what they want, once they watch the outcome, many may end up changing their minds.