Top ten spots to watch the World Series

Don’t feel like rooting for either the New York Mets or Kansas City Royals alone in your apartment or dorm room during the World Series? Check out one of the following 10 spots to watch the World Series.


  1. Third Base While you wait for the Mets or Royals to get to home base, you can grab a beer, some food and watch the Mets and Royals duke it out while you’re at Third Base.

  2. Black Sheep Lodge Between the great drink specials and the crazy amount of TVs scattered, Black Sheep Lodge is the perfect place to watch the games.

  3. Opal Divine’s Don’t feel like driving? Walk to Opal Divine’s, order some chips and queso and get ready to cheer for your team.

  4. Pluckers Need to get your chicken wing fix during the World Series? Pluckers has got you covered, just be prepared to wait.

  5. The Park Can’t get into Pluckers and don’t want to go too far to watch the game? Go across the street to The Park.

  6. Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wild Wings is always a good standby when Pluckers has a wait that’s longer than nine innings.

  7. Draft Pick Happy hour will have ended by the time the World Series starts, but Draft Pick has got you covered with it’s 9-11 p.m. happy hour.

  8. Chili’s Still have Topper Tender and don’t feel like using real money? Chili’s is your best bet.

  9. Cabo Bob’s You’re not going to be able to watch an entire World Series game at Cabo Bob’s, but watching the first couple of innings with a burrito is totally worth it.

  10. Hunt Hall/The Huddle Have meal plan? (Looking at you freshmen.) Get a bunch of friends together and watch the World Series at Hunt or The Huddle.