Commentary: NFL expanding their international play, all sports should follow suit

One of the most dividing social factors is sports. Clustered into regional divisions, professional sports rivalries make for team pride and good times. But what if all sports rivalries could be expanded across nations?

Like soccer, it would be great to see baseball teams compete in an actual “World” Series with international teams. Little League does it, so why can’t the Big Leagues? Why can’t all sports do this?

Recently, there’s been talk about transforming this dream into reality. Time’s Barry Wilner reported that the “NFL owners approved more international games through 2025 on Wednesday, including ones in places other than England.” Future international games and Pro-Bowl sites could include Mexico and Canada, as well as Germany, Australia, Asia and Brazil.

Some initial issues with international play are annual time-planning and travel expenses.

Hesitant sports leagues and associations could start by having their regular seasons and postseasons as scheduled within the nation, and would only have to organize one international trip for their championship team.

As time goes on, sports should be rejuvenated and accustomed to the idea of international trips. Fans can use these international trips as an excuse to take a vacation, which will increase funding for more international games throughout the regular season.

Athletic benefits of international play include learning different styles of play. Each country as different strategies and tactics that help their teams win. Exposure to various playing styles will highlight strengths and weaknesses, and make for much more interesting commentary.

Having sports teams from the United States compete internationally will make sports rivalries more intense and ultimately unite sports all around the world.