SEU students could benefit from more diverse, practical curriculum

Viewpoints Editor

When asked what classes should be offered at St. Edward’s University that currently aren’t, most students jumped to the “how to” classes. Most notably are “how to” classes that talk about not succumbing to tuition debt, or even classes on how to file taxes or apply for federal loans.

These suggestions point to the looming stress that students feel towards the financial burdens that will follow them after university — and perhaps are following some students currently in school.

St. Edward’s works to make sure we have an understanding of the global world we live in. It even works to make sure that we as students are developing an understanding and appreciation of our own and other’s cultures by way of the 18 hour Cultural Foundations requirement. They really drill it in. The American Revolution was not the only thing to happen, globalization is a real thing, blah blah, hopefully you get the message.

I, however, would like to point your attention to another class that St. Edward’s could offer: “How to Survive being on a Politically Correct Campus.”

I’d like to welcome you to St. Edward’s University, a campus following in the trend of politically correctness that permeates the various levels of our lives these days — and will continue to do so.

The class would include a textbook, gray of course, to exhibit a sense of neutrality. The chapters would cover important topics with a poignant introduction about what being politically correct means, and what it should mean to you. It’ll feature a cartoon that sheds the more leftist thinkers in a light that makes you want to empathize with them, while their voices are muffled by the liberals of the school they attend. 

In all seriousness, it would be interesting to see more classes that reflect the climate of current events. Political science and global studies could benefit from more classes with diplomacy — focuses on Russian and Middle Eastern politics. English writing and rhetoric majors could use more classes that dive into examining writing from the perspective of different cultures and the nuances and themes of those cultures.

Math classes could be implemented within each major — hear me out before you send the hate mail. Practical mathematics classes that are tailored to your major and will actually be useful in the real and practical world. So, help with taxes and learning what mortgage rates are. 

There is always room for improvement, and St. Edward’s is absolutely on the right track. Students are their biggest asset, so here is to hoping they hear them out.