Dear Pope Francis: You have fallen victim to America’s media

Every week the editorial board reflects on a current issue in Our View. The position taken does not reflect the opinions of everyone on the Hilltop Views staff. 

Dear Pope Francis,

You came to the United States, and truthfully, everyone was really excited about it.

They were also really excited about some of the people you met with — like a same sex couple. For some reason though, people are choosing to perceive you inviting Kim Davis to meet with you as some sort of subtle political play on the recent controversy surrounding her and same-sex marriage.

But we know, and you know — and anyone that is keeping up with the whole thing knows — that is just not true.

The Office of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the envoy in Washington. which also happens to not be Rome, extended the invitation.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi released a statement that says that you, Francis, did not enter into the details surrounding Davis and her whole “I refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses” thing.

Now, I have no problem believing that. There are those, though, that might be under the assumption that you sit in the Vatican getting briefed on anything and everything concerning the United States. 

I will agree though, pope, that it is kind of hilarious how quickly the entire situation was manipulated. Given the nature of United States’ politics and media, this visit will have long lasting effects, and for that, I apologize. U.S. politics and media are a nasty animal and your visit has already fallen victim to its teeth.

I look forward to when everyone gets past this, and we can get back to talking about the other aspects of your visit. 

Your call to mark a signal day for Hispanics in the United States as you called for more openness to immigration was especially keen. Or even your platform on climate change as you called on congress to act.

These were huge positions to take for a couple of reasons. One, there is the fact that you actually were advocating for these things versus folks putting words in your mouth. 

Then, there is the fact that these issues are huge and contrast traditional issues raised by the two previous popes.