Paul Ryan appears to be best candidate to replace Speaker John Boehner

Well if you thought the Republican Party couldn’t get any more disorganized, it has.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was seen by many as the next speaker of the House, but his comments on Fox News about the Benghazi House committee working to inflict political damage on Hillary Clinton pretty much destroyed his campaign for speaker.

Now the GOP has no clue who will replace Speaker John Boehner. They have postponed the speaker elections until a real replacement steps up. Since the election is postponed Boehner will probably have to stay longer than expected.

So who will be the next speaker of the House? The race is shifting hour-to-hour and is highly unpredictable, but here are three suggestions for a suitable replacement to Boehner.

Paul Ryan

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan seems to be the only Republican who doesn’t want to be speaker and has made that clear to his party. But it seems like he’s the only person who can unite the Republicans and get past the speakership race.

Yeah, being speaker is not like being a heartbeat away from the presidency. Instead it is two heartbeats away and as speaker he will have real power unlike the vice president.

Ryan is the perfect man to be the next speaker. He knows Congress pretty well considering he’s been there since 1999. He has chaired several committees. Ryan possesses the leadership and policy skills that would make him a great speaker.

What Ryan should do is just run for speaker and put his own worries aside. Members of his own party are yearning for Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan could become the savior of the Republican Party by simply calling a news conference and telling the country he’s running for speaker.

As speaker, Ryan would immediately become the leader and face of the party. He would do that without joining the clown show that is the Republican primary for president.

Ryan is his party’s only hope of being saved from the crazy conservatives.

Ted Cruz

Anyone can be speaker of the House. There is nothing in the Constitution that says the speaker must be a member of the House of Representatives. So with that in mind, Sen. Ted Cruz should run for speaker.

Cruz already has a good portion of House Republicans eating straight out of his hands so it would be an easy election.

If Cruz were to run for speaker he would need to drop out of the presidential race. Oh, and he would need to come up with an explanation for this highly unprecedented move.

Cruz’s whole career is built on being unprecedented so it would not be surprising if he decided to throw his hat in for speaker.


The final option for speaker is a compromise candidate between the Republicans and Democrats. If no suitable replacement steps forward for speaker, both parties could come together and find someone who makes enough Republicans and Democrats happy to vote for him or her.

To be honest, Cruz running for speaker is more likely than a compromise happening between the two parties.

Good luck to whoever replaces Boehner — they’re going to need it.