Brian Williams’ return to MSNBC attempts to regain America’s trust


Brian Williams is back on television after a seven month absence.

Ever since Pope Francis stepped foot in the United States it seems like he has been performing miracles and answering prayers.

Many Republicans have been praying for Speaker John Boehner to go away. Well, about 24 hours after Francis addressed Congress the speaker made an announcement: He was resigning as speaker and leaving the House of Representatives.

In a move that should not have surprised anyone, the pope met with Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. They prayed for each other, and this will probably be the closest that Davis will ever be to God.

The pope also performed a miracle that many thought wouldn’t happen — resurrecting disgraced former NBC anchor Brian Williams’ career.

After a seven month hiatus, Williams was back in front of a live camera the day Francis blessed the U.S. with his presence. This was a wise move by MSNBC — Williams’ home for the foreseeable future — because millions of eyes would be looking to their televisions to watch the pope in a very predictable trip. With the pope’s visit being very predictable that meant Williams could rebuild his trust with America.

Will America ever trust Brian Williams again? That is something to be seen, but one thing is certain: No matter how much repairing Williams does to his career, it will never return to its previous heights.  

Williams is back, but now he’s just MSNBC’s breaking news anchor. No longer is he a part of the big three nightly news show. No longer is he a part of millions of Americans’ evening routines. 

But nothing will change the fact that he is still Brian Williams. Even with the whole embellishing situation surrounding his departure from NBC, Williams is still one of the biggest names and brands that NBC News has to offer.

MSNBC was where Williams really got his shot in the big leagues of broadcast journalism, so it is fitting for him to return home. 

Currently, MSNBC is in a state of transition from being a liberal opinion-based network to a news network that does real fact-based journalism.

The network’s entire schedule has been changed with daytime dominated by what matters: news. It still has opinion shows, like “The Rachel Maddow Show,” but no longer is MSNBC trying to be the Democrats’ mouthpiece or the anti-Fox News. MSNBC is trying to go back to its roots as a traditional news network.

That is exactly what Williams is doing. He and MSNBC have both screwed up in recent years and are both damaged brands, but together they can lift themselves up and reinvigorate their lives.