October begins, everyone get ready for fall pumpkin season


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October. The air gets a little bit cooler and smells a little bit crisper. The leaves start changing color. People wear too many scarves.

Your family and friends will pretend this year will be the year you start a tradition of apple picking or baking pies together. 

You will vow to have a fall party where you make caramel apples, bob for apples and decorate an apple pie like it is a weaving basket or turkey, or other thing people cut out of pie crust. 

Anyway, it’s fall.

October is also the time of year where you eat pumpkin pie and bread, drink pumpkin spice lattes, carve pumpkins, dress in nothing but pumpkin and you just pumpkin all the time. 

No gourd can save us from the fall rough patch. 

Everything else you do is secondary. 

To really give your October purpose, carry around some kind of pumpkin relic — they are good luck.

This October will have an extra spice because, as @sbellelauren said, “John Boehner set to retire in October just in time to play ‘Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin’ in local production.” Also it is unlikely that GOP Candidates will ever stop taking punches at each other, so that is always something to look forward to. But hey, it’ll give you some spice to watch while you drink your pumkin spice latte.

After doing the classics — the pumpkin carving, the Boehner watching — we will all don our vampire teeth, ghost sheets and/or slutty cat ears. Or show up and be that kid that did not get the memo that yes, this was in fact a Halloween party where you do dress up.

Oct. 3 will be filled with Mean Girls quotes, as is tradition. There will be a day where we all get caught off guard by the weather — it will be cold in the morning, and then the sun will come out, but thank goodness we all layered up.

We will eat too much candy and make our significant others (or moms) rub our tummies. We will watch scary movies and then have our significant others (or moms) check under our bed.

The tummy rubs and hand holding will rear its ugly head again as those of us that took the LSAT at the beginning of October, get our scores at the end of October. 

But enough about that. October is supposed to be a good time for everyone, even the law school hopefuls. 

Separately, all of these things sound pretty terrible. 

But, in a symphony of spooky, sugary chaos, the melody of fall is something we can all enjoy.

Some will make their way to ACL, others to F1 but the most popular will easily be the Texas Book Festival.

Then of course there is Founder’s Day, the promise of a day off that is likely to be used for sleeping in and naps on and off all day.

Of course, by the end of October, there will be discounted candy and an onslaught of Christmas decorations that make everyone want to roll their eyes because why do the Thanksgiving decorations always get passed on?

Your neighbors who keep their lights up all year long will get compliments for being so proactive about their Christmas spirit.

ABC Family will cyclically and relentlessly run Harry Potter, The Grinch, Casper and anything else resembling a Halloween movie. Then they will repeat that process for Christmas.

October is finally here.