VIEWPOINT: Barefoot students embody Austin culture by comfortably not wearing shoes


Some people feel more comfortable without shoes.

Given that St. Edward’s University is located right in the heart of weird Austin, there seems to be a continuing theme on campus with students who have chosen not to wear shoes.

Putting shoes on is just like making sure you have pants on before you leave the house — it’s important enough to not even have to think twice about.

But for certain students here at St. Edward’s, their views on shoes may be a bit different than the next person given that they never, or very seldom, wear shoes. Among these students is junior Devin Herd, who chooses to be barefoot because it’s just really comfortable. Ah, comfortability is important when deciding whether to wear shoes.

Devin claims he has always been interested in being barefoot but hasn’t been able to do so on a regular basis until college. Upon entering St. Edward’s some of Devin’s friends chose to be barefoot, and he says, “I felt right at home joining them in on it.”

There are some who may be concerned about unsanitariness and/or harm toward other students as a result of the shoe-less Hilltoppers. But I personally feel that these are just opinions made for something others view as weird or different. Not wearing shoes really is not harmful.

“In regards to harm, I mean I’d get my feet burnt every now and then, but I don’t see how it would cause harm to others,” Devin said.

Not wearing shoes is only an act of self expression, just like clothing choices.

At first glance of my first semester here at St. Edward’s, I was skeptical about the students who were always barefoot, because where I came from, everyone always wore shoes everywhere they went.

I soon realized that they choose not to wear shoes only because they don’t want to or have to. And really there is nothing wrong with that. I’m sure most of us can attest to the fact that we choose not to do stuff simply because we don’t have to (like doing the dishes, laundry or homework).

But, I really don’t think that the students who choose to be barefoot are any more of a problem than other students who are expressing themselves through their clothing choices and hairstyles.

Being barefoot only contributes to these students’ personalities, and I feel that it is not something to be judged — especially at our friendly environment here at St. Edward’s.

If these students want to continue to be barefoot and chance the fact of walking on extremely hot or freezing cold sidewalks, then by all means. Just do not forget your pants.