Rugby hires new coach, to play on campus game around homecoming

The rugby season is underway and many are thrilled to be starting the new season.

The rugby team has had a recent history of success, winning the Texas Cup two years ago, and are No. 9 in the nation. 

Many players are thankful to their former head coach Lachlan Ferguson for helping develop a small university rugby team into a successful program.

Although the season was successful last year, the team recently decided to make drastic changes to reach their future goals. The team hired Stevie Swindall, who coached and played rugby at a national level.

“Swindall’s experience should have tons to offer the club. So far he has integrated well and I’m excited to see how much his work with our forwards improves our game,” senior head officer Richard Alanis says about the new addition to the team. 

Besides the new coach, the team implemented a new perspective concerning positions. 

In previous years, the coach had a structure of which players to play. Now, however the team is under a new coach where all positions are up for grabs. 

There are a lot of new faces and talent making this season seem like it’s going to be the one, players said.

“There is a lot more competition and people pushing to secure a spot on that starting 15,” Alanis says.

This year, the team is excited to finally showcase their talent to all the students of St. Edward’s University. A game is expected to be played on campus sometime around homecoming.

Junior Zac Silverman is excited for the new opportunity to play at home in front of more fans.

“There is going to be a huge crowd since it’s finally on campus. We hope to see some familiar faces cheering us all on,” Silverman said.

Silverman along with other players want St. Edward’s students to get involved and follow the team’s victories alongside them.

“The way UT gets excited for their football team is the way we hope St. Ed’s kids can get excited for [rugby] since we don’t have a football team,” Silverman said

The ultimate goal for the team this year is to take home a national championship. 

With the team’s record from last year being 22 victories and only one loss, a championship is possible.

“Rugby is a sport where you must band together and trust your teammates to protect you, there is nothing really like it,” rugby team captain Nick Espenan says.

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