Apple to come out with competitive updates, continues tech domination


The iPad Pro is bigger than the iPad.

Apple is continuing its domination of the tech industry with the introduction of new iPhones, an updated Apple TV and a brand new yet familiar product — the iPad Pro.

These updates may not be revolutionary, but it reinforces the idea that Apple is the best of the best and may be unbeatable.

Let’s look at the iPad Pro: it’s just a bigger iPad, anyone could have thought of that. But it’s more than that. It’s an iPad that very well could replace a laptop.

For most college students, an iPad Pro would be a perfect device for all their needs. They could write, like literally write, their notes with the new Apple Pencil and type their Capstone paper with the Smart Keyboard. Basically, it can fulfill any productive need that could have been done with the traditional laptop.

Of course, the most important use for the iPad Pro: using the 12.9 inch screen to binge watch the latest season of “House of Cards” on Netflix.

The iPad Pro is definitely a peek into the future of what Apple thinks of how people will be using its products.

The most exciting announcement Apple made was the introduction of a new Apple TV.

Now, it takes over your TV and gives you many of the same features that have been on iPhones for years: Siri, apps and a smarter way to do things.

With a redesigned remote, users can ask Siri to find something to watch and play games on the big screen. The revamped Apple TV is a major step forward towards Apple dominating the living room, which the company has alluded to since the product’s original introduction in 2007.

The pride and joy of Apple, the iPhone, also received an update. The biggest upgrade Apple gave the iPhone — other than an S at then of its name — is a new feature called 3D Touch. This enables users to interact differently with their iPhone 6S.

It’s a bit hard to describe, but users tap really hard on their screens and the iPhone gives them new options. It’s a cool feature, but if you already own an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus it’s not worth the upgrade. If you own something older than an iPhone 6, definitely upgrade it.

The best new feature on the iPhone 6S is the camera. Now it can shoot ultra high-definition videos. If you thought the previous generation’s camera was good, the new one should blow it out of the water.

If your pocketbook can handle it, all of these products are worth the upgrade. As for me, I’m already setting money aside for the new Apple TV.