New app introduced for athletic events

Sports Editor

With the world of technology evolving, it was inevitable that paperless gadgets for the world of sports would make their way to St. Edward’s University.

Aside from the new university ID cards, a new app was introduced for iPhones and Androids by the University Programming Board (UPB) to keep track of attendance at athletic events and allow students to earn prizes.

To earn points towards prizes, download the TopperPride app, turn on your location services in Settings and then click the day’s game in the app.

According to the “Fall Blue and Gold Game Series” Facebook page, each Blue and Gold Series Game is worth 300 points, Friday and weekend games will earn 200 points and home games are only worth 100 points.

The most spirited athletic events are the Blue & Gold Series Games, which are 10 specific games each semester where there is usually free food and opportunities to win Hilltopper prizes. Chick-Fil-A will sell at each game.

Most of the prizes are similar to last year: visors, the “Give ‘em Hill” tank tops, “Battle of the Saints” T-shirts and the “No. 1 Topper Fan” T-shirt.

Unlike last year’s final reward of entry to a raffle of $500 gift card to the Bookstore, this year’s top prize is a raffle entry to win a flat-screen 55-inch TV, once you receive 3,000 points.

In the past, UPB had been using punch cards to keep track of student attendance and determine who would qualify for certain prizes.

This switch is in a transition year and there are still some glitches with the app. There is also some confusion on how to use the app. There are certainly mixed feelings regarding the new app.

“This [app] is more interactive than just the regular punch card,” sophomore HillRaiser member Kizil Yusoof said. “People are technically savvy enough to learn how to use the app.”

However, sophomore Dayanira Velasco says, “I don’t think it’s fair that people without Androids or iPhones are singled out. We didn’t have that problem with the UPB people last year when they used the punch cards.”

According to the Spirit Coordinator for UPB Daja Shealey, the app was designed for “accessibility, convenience and sustainability.”

From an athletic standpoint, the fall sports teams are expected to have a lot of highlights.

The next Blue and Gold Series game is Sept. 19 at noon.