Bo Laughman says adios to his college years

The time has finally come for me to say goodbye to college and move on to the real world. I guess I’m ready for the next thing. It has definitely taken me long enough. I started going to St. Edward’s in August 2009 and now, just six short years later, I made it. It’s the end of the semester and I am definitely ready to be done with school, but I’m sure a couple months after graduating, I will miss it. I will miss riding my skateboard around on campus. I will miss having Jo’s coffee every morning. I will miss all the nice people. I probably won’t miss the Huddle, but I will miss sitting in the Huddle and not liking it. I’m going to miss the stray cats that roam the campus, especially the ones that will let you pet them. I’ll miss judging people on long boards. Sorry, but I will. Most of all, I will miss all the strange, exciting, difficult, fun, boring and life-shaping memories that were had on this hill. So long, St. Edward’s University. It was nice knowing ya.