Bettina’s Staartjes says goodbye to senior year

You don’t realize how good college life really is until you have a month left, and for those reading this with a year or two still left at St. Edward’s, I have four words: seriously, enjoy every moment.

I was that junior who, just before summer break, was realizing how little time was actually left.

The thoughts of, “so this December is my last real Christmas break?” and “so, after this semester, it’s the next semester and that’s it?” were killing my brain cells.

The separation anxiety I’m currently having with my high school backpack is haunting me, because as long as I’m not in school, when will that ever be used again? I mean, poor backpack!

The combination of a million memories whirling through my head with a handful of advice for those who aren’t graduating are invading my mind.

There are so many things to say about the things I experienced during my four years in school and the things I wish I had experienced, but to sum up my four amazing years at St. Ed’s, I have to say to those reading this letter, to really, truly, and actually enjoy every little moment.

Enjoy the classes you don’t want to take but have to, enjoy the late nights in the library, the group projects, and the mandatory trips to the art museum or wildlife preserve.

But apart from the whole “enjoy every moment” spiel that your parents, family and friends might always give you, my personal advice is to take time in finding your passions.

What you like and what you enjoy are yours forever and it took me nearly three years to realize what I really enjoyed doing.

Finding your real drive and your true interests takes time and it’s a real process, but make sure you dedicate your years in college to yourself and no one else because once you graduate, it’s what you’ve learned and appreciated from the time in school that gets to take the light.

A huge thanks to Jena Heath for encouraging me to go into journalism, all my editors working for Hilltop Views who do an amazing job, and an even bigger thanks to Jo’s for having almond milk for my almond vanilla lattes.