Student government focusing on the Big Event, upcoming elections


SGA passed legislation resulting in the purchase of a rowing machine. 

The Student Government Association is focused on their signature annual event: The Big Event.

The Big Event is a service project where students go out into the community surrounding St. Edward’s University and work on projects. 

This year’s Big Event will be held on April 11.

The other priority for SGA are the upcoming elections and debates, SGA President Samantha Mendoza said.

This semester, SGA organized “A Night for the People,” a public forum that will that will be held on April 8, where students will be able to participate in discussion about the plus-minus grading system,  the Investing in Our Future campaign and hear debates between the candidates for president and vice president.

“They will be able to bring up any concerns with the plus-minus system with Dr. Russell Frohardt, and better gather how it is going to affect them in the upcoming semester,” said Michael Cimino, SGA chief of staff. “Then they’ll be able to hear from the candidates about their stances on the issues.”

SGA has also passed new legislation. One bill included the purchase of a rowing machine for the Recreation and Convocation Center.

The senators also passed legislation that would add two temporary parking spots outside of Ragsdale and are waiting for the campus parking committee to implement the change.

“They should be about 10 to 15 minutes, and the idea is that if you need to quickly run into Main Building or the bookstore you don’t need to run the risk of getting a ticket,” George Kuhle, SGA vice president, said.

Some other smaller projects have been installing more bulletin boards around campus to keep students up to date with campus affairs, and passing legislation to install hammock poles on campus.

SGA has also passed a bill to help fund a beautification project for Wild Basin and put up signs.