Aqua Gods win homecoming games for second year in row


Nearly thirty teams competed in the week-long games to try to knock off the defending champions, the Aqua Gods.

Homecoming week is the time of year that brings all of the St. Edward’s University community together. However, the the idea of winning the Topper will bring out the best competition in students.

Nearly thirty teams competed in the week-long games to try to knock off the defending champions, the Aqua Gods. However, they were unsuccessful, as they again were named the Topper Cup winners for their second-straight year.

Starting homecoming week on a helpful note, Campus Ministry hosted a S.E.R.V.E. 1-Day service project, where students could volunteer as a homecoming team by planting trees in local neighborhoods, as well as earn points towards the Topper Cup.

The competitive games officially began as homecoming teams moved to the RCC Pool for the traditional Cardboard Regatta.

In the cardboard boat race, The Aqua Gods started out strong, finishing with an impressive time of 1:05 minutes. Surprisingly, only about 5 of the estimated 30 boats sailed to a finish at the regatta.

“Well there’s always next year,” Senior Citizens team member, George Kuhle jokingly said as the senior’s sunken boat nearly missed the finish.

On Feb. 23, the teams braved the cold weather and competed in a timed-board painting competition, where students drew a mural embodying the spirit of St. Edward’s.

Homecoming festivities continued in the Great Topper Race on Feb. 24. Students were tested on facts about the Congregation of Holy Cross and endured a lot of physical movement in a quick-paced, school-wide scavenger hunt. The Student Government Team, For the People, finished first, with the Aqua Gods coming in second.

One of the most anticipated events was the dodgeball tournament on Feb. 25. Teams competed for hours until the final teams were left to battle it out. In addition there was a Connect Four tournament that tested the team’s strategic planning.

“At first we were more hopeful and excited to be playing, but toward the end our team got more competitive as we kept winning,” Symposium team member Chloe Crumley said after her team won the dodgeball tournament.

The last competition was a can-food drive weigh-in on Thursday before the basketball games.

The week concluded with Casino Night on Friday, where casino games, raffle prizes, and dancing kept many Alumni and St. Edward’s families enjoying the evening.

On a frigid Saturday, at the Homecoming Tailgate, it was announced that the Aqua Gods won the trophy again.