Aliens, shmaliens: Problems on Earth should take priority


It has been centuries since humans have entertained the belief of life outside of our own planet Earth.

There are many people who obsess over the idea and live their lives trying to prove their existence. Others merely think that there is a strong possibility of said existence, while many more dismiss the idea instantaneously.

Extraterrestrial life has been the sort of thing we have grown accustomed to seeing in popular media, but have never truly considered until recently.

The discovery of new planets over the last few decades has been constant and it seems like everyday, astronomers find clues that could lead us to discovering other intelligent life.

This leads to some scientists and civilians feeling uncomfortable at the mere thought of not being alone in this vast universe, after so many years of thinking otherwise.

Others jump in excitement and anticipation, not bothered but instead quite eager to know more.

Pallab Ghosh, a reporter for BBC News, at a recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence institute declared that they would now actively try “to contact intelligent life on other worlds.”

Shouts of disagreement can easily be heard from two contrasting groups of people. Each side stands ready to pounce with an argument at hand.

Those in a state of disagreement rely heavily on the idea that if intelligent life exists elsewhere and Earth comes into contact with them, they will more than likely try to destroy our world or take over it.

Perhaps an idea they obtained from countless blockbuster, alien invasion movies. Or, maybe they have played too many games of Aliens vs. Predator.

Nevertheless, the argument stands tall, having already convinced countless people.There is something missing, though.

People seem to forget that just because this other intelligent species may exist, it does not necessarily mean they have the same ideas humans do.

If another species is out there somewhere, they will probably not have the same agenda as Adolf Hitler, and try to take over the world. Also, if they exist and have yet to make contact, it could be because they have no interest in Earth.

Or, even most likely, it could be because their technology could be just as lacking as ours and therefore contact between both planets would not go any further than sound waves on a radio.

Humans have to save the world from themselves before worrying about an alien invasion.