Dress discretion a question of perception, point of view

By this time, you have probably seen a picture of the infamous dress and created a very stern opinion about its color.

You might shut off social media and shutdown your friends when they begin to talk about it. Or, you might compile a list of who thinks what and who you cannot be friends with anymore. Either way, this dress has probably affected your life in someway. Either way, a proverbial dress will affect your life someday.

The first time I saw it, it was white and gold. It was obvious and clear to me that it was white and gold. When people told me they saw blue and black, I thought they were dumb. Sure, the lighting gave the white a blue tint, but there was just no way anybody could interpreted that gold as black. Well, later into the week, I saw the picture again. That time, the dress was blue and black.

People are getting into very heated debates about the color of this dress. People look at one another and think: “Are you stupid or something, it is most definitely these color!”

The obnoxious thing is that both people are right! Many people have had the dress switch on us, and I can tell you, it really looks completely different. This is not even taking into account those who are colorblind.

People see the dress and convince themselves they are correct. But, there will always be other people who saw something entirely different. Something you would call entirely incorrect.

So, both sides arguing are right and wrong at the same time. I feel like this happens all of the time, but not only with a dress.

People see, hear or believe something and make a very logical opinion. Though they have a right to their ideas, other people simply refuse to allow different points of view.

So, the next time you cannot see eye-to-eye with somebody and you feel like everything they are saying is just plain incorrect, think: “Maybe they are just seeing it as blue and black and I’m seeing white and gold.”

The truth is that the color of a dress does not matter, but things like personal relationships and open minds do. Having differing opinions from your friends and family does not make the opinions of others irrelevant. The world is exciting and challenging because of the different views we all have.

Accept that sometimes people are going to see different colors.

To me, it is obviously blue and black; but, that does not mean everybody who says otherwise is wrong.