Fashion campaign promotes healthy self-image, diversity


Hammer’s campaign was called “Role Models Not Runway Models.”

People who build others up do so because they know what it is like to be torn down.

Jamie Brewer has become known for her past roles in the show “American Horror Story,” but has currently created a wave which began with designer Carrie Hammer.

Hammer launched her dress line for professional women in 2012 and was invited to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2015. Hammer has all eyes on her and all ears listening to what she has to say about gender equality and the image of women in the workplace.

Hammer’s campaign was called “Role Models Not Runway Models.” This gave women such as Brewer the opportunity to break the typical runway model stigma and make NYFW about real women and their roles in society.

“Jamie is an activist for intellectual disabilities, she is a writer and artist and amazing actress,” Hammer said on Brewer showed that empowerment can be found in what you do as well as what you wear.

“Role Models Not Runway Models” hits most of the heavily controversial topics women face everyday. This includes self-concept and self-confidence. This campaign was about realistic bodies and active women.

All the women that walked that runway were well established, professional, working women. Psychologist Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, Google Fiber Head of Business Kristen Morrissey Thiede, and The Muse CEO and Co-Founder Kathryn Minshen demonstrated that it does not take starving yourself or hurting your body to be beautiful. What makes a person beautiful is the people they affect positively by their actions in society.

Hammer’s actions gave her customers a voice through her designs; a voice to speak up about comfort and creativity to women in the workforce.

The time to react to and take charge of social standards is now. With activists like Jamie Brewer who are willing to fight for equality, why shouldn’t the rest of us want to join the fight? All this is a good continuation to an ongoing fight for women’s equality and equality for people with disabilities. But, there can never be enough fight in our society. Without growth, the only thing left is decay.