Homecoming highlights apathethic students


Every week the editorial board reflects on a current issue in Our View. The position taken does not reflect the opinions of everyone on the Hilltop Views staff.

On a campus with such passionate, diverse people, it is strange to say that one of our biggest issues is apathy.

The objective of the newspaper is to report the unbiased happenings of St. Edward’s and the world around us. That being said, this is Viewpoints and the editorial board believes our school is amazing.

There seem to be three types of people in regards to St. Edward’s spirit.

One type is the same type that wore their school jersey and running shorts every day of high school. These peoples should be celebrated for their fervent love for everything they are a part of. In fact, people should be jealous of the sense of belonging these people have. Even if they wear St. Edward’s sweatpants and goat earrings every day, these people are necessary to this school.

The second type loves St. Edward’s, but you will not see them streaking in blue and gold. These students might tan outside of Basil Moreau Hall or attend a few soccer games. They know all about Boombox Guy and the feral cat program.

Perhaps the most common type of student, these people can tell you a million reasons they love this school and facts about the buildings and professors, but they will not shout it from the Hilltop.

You will most likely find both of these people on St. Edward’s Homecoming teams and at the events this week. Whether it is the free shirt, community, love for St. Edward’s, or the need for a distraction from the mundane, St. Edward’s Homecoming will attract these students.

St. Edward’s recluses exist. These students are the third type, and they work hard for their titles. People who wish to live solitary lives and go to St. Edward’s are enigmas. There is equipment to recede from St. Edward’s society. You must buy tinted sunglasses and wear headphones even when you forget your iPod.

These people do not know what the Blue and Gold Series is, nor will they attend one of the games. Yes, this means they will be absent from the Battle of the Saints.

These people do not know anything about Moreau House or Service Break Experience. They will probably not study abroad and they will actually be content with that. In the week of all weeks — St. Edward’s Homecoming week — these people will remain adequately distanced from activities.

Not everyone is going to participate in homecoming. Those who do should be congratulated for their involvement and community building. But, they will be rewarded enough by the memories they will make. At the same time, participants will have something in common with the recluses of the campus. This is our hill, and this is our home.