‘4 Minute Mile’ inspires hard work, ambition, persistence

“4 Minute Mile” is a new Netflix drama that is bound to make you shed a tear or two in a good way.

The film, directed by Charles-Olivier Michaud, is packed with an emotional road of a teen’s self-discovery.

The movie starts off with the underdog main character Drew Jacobs, played by Kelly Blatz, who is a track-and-field star. His biggest dream is to run for the University of California at Berkeley, but challenges like his brother’s drug addiction get in the way.

Drew comes from an unstable family, a dead father and absent mother, who leave him to face the world on his own.

Drew is one of the fastest on his track team, but his attitude problem forces him to quit and he can no longer be part of the state race at the end.

Michaud incorporates a strong bond between Drew and his neighbor who happens to hold the record for the high school state record with his four minute mile.

With patience and hard work, the man coaches him to become faster and stronger than ever before. This relationship between the two really hit because it made me reflect on my high school coaches who pushed me through the sports I played.

This movie becomes a bit of roller coaster. My own emotions went from zero to 100.

At times, we are left rooting for Drew to change his life and allow his coach to help him become a better runner. However, most of the time, Drew acts too cool for school and won’t listen to anybody, which really frustrated me.

There were also parts in the movie where it saddened me that Drew’s family was constantly in the way of his own aspirations and what he wanted to do.

It was definitely a reality check of appreciating those around me who push me forward in my own life.

This is not a film just for runners or athletes; it’s more of an inspiration for working toward one’s own goal. I can’t lie – I teared up at the end.

If you want to know if Drew ever accomplishes his goal of running a mile in under four minutes, you are going to have to put this on your list for your next Netflix night!