“The Man from Nowhere” delivers action, drama, sense of thrill

As far as action films go, “The Man from Nowhere” has to be one of the best. 

As far as action films go, “The Man from Nowhere” has to be one of the best. 

This time around, Netflix brought me to the intense action film, “The Man from Nowhere,” better known as Ajeossi (아저씨) in its homeland, South Korea.

The film was led by the brilliant director, Lee Jeong-beom, responsible for other great South Korean movies, and starred Won Bin from Mother (마더).

As far as action films go, “The Man from Nowhere” has to be one of the best. The movie revolves around Tae-Sik (actor Bin Won), a pawn shop owner who leads a quiet life with only one friend, a child by the name of So-mi, to keep him entertained.

When So-mi is kidnapped by a ring of Chinese mobsters, Tae-sik takes on the mission of finding her with an attitude that suggests that he’ll go to any lengths no matter the consequences.

“The Man from Nowhere” is full of suspense and keeps the audience on its toes throughout. The few times the film seems to drag on are always followed by quick action scenes.

The film provides viewers with a healthy balance of action and drama, unlike many other action films that leave audiences with nothing to expect but a muscular man with sunglasses walking away from an explosion.

That is not to say there are no explosions — in fact, “The Man from Nowhere” also includes knife fights, gun fights and other gruesome altercations.

“The Man from Nowhere” carries with it a heavy sense of thrill and darkness, the lighting remaining dim through the majority of the movie. The soundtrack dramatizes some scenes just enough to have audiences shedding a few tears.

The fact that this film is originally meant for Korean audiences does not in any way affect the audience’s ability to understand or relate to the characters, a sure mark of a well-done film.

Those not familiar with foreign genres must not be dissuaded. Almost every aspect of “The Man from Nowhere” leaves one’s mouth hanging and heart hammering, like an outstanding film always should. “The Man from Nowhere” is a great contribution to the action and thriller genre, and hopefully there will be more movies like it in the future.