NBA season now in full swing, race for championship begins


With finals right around the corner, it’s easy to get distracted by some action in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The 2014-2015 season officially started in October, and is now in its third month. The biggest headline has been the return of LeBron James to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. He’s gotten his team off to a slow start, but it’s expected amongst a group of new guys early on in the season.

For other teams like the Memphis Grizzles who don’t come up on ESPN programming too often, are having one heck of a start to their season as they bring in 15 wins.

NBA player Zach Randolph sat down with ESPN along side a few teammates to discuss their goals.

“We were always the underdog, they believe in themselves and trust each other like brothers and have each others back.”

He goes on to talk about his team and how they all share one goal: to win without outshining one another.

More teams who we seem to see this from are the San Antonio Spurs who recently beat the Pelicans at a close game 109-103 game.

The Spurs have made the NBA Finals two seasons in a row, facing off against the Lebron James’ Miami Heat. They’d lose in 2013, letting game six of the finals slip through their fingers, but come back and dominate Miami in 2014.

Spurs Head Coach Greg Popovich, as usual, sat out point guard Tony Parker and power forward Tim Duncan to let them rest, because they are some of the oldest players in the league.

Some teams claim this part of the season is not the most important, however many other teams would disagree.

Teams like the Golden States Warriors are approaching this season with the all for nothing motto. Player Stephen Curry constantly puts up an average of 20+ points to keep his team in the top two of the Western Conference standings.

This year is already showing that really any team can take the ring and nobody is backing down.

Despite different tactics the teams are taking on approaching this year, they all share the same desire in bringing home the title.