Cat tattoos rise in popularity amongst young adult population

Cat lovers get a bad rap. Stereotypes including the crazy cat lady and internet addicted homebody come to mind as soon as the words “my cat” escape their mouths.

With these negative connotations it’s hard to believe anyone would openly claim to be a cat person, and yet more people are letting the cat out of the bag every day.

A new, controversial, trend has been emerging in young adults. 

Along with the rising popularity of tattoos, cat people have been inking their bodies with images of their favorite pet. Cat people have been braving the sunlight to take part in the increasing popularity of tattoos forcing artists to come up with unique and interesting ways to make the household couch-dweller into art.

These tattoos are seemingly meaningless, just as many tattoos are at first. Each bearer of a cat tattoo has their own meaning behind the tattoo. Whether it’s the commemoration of a pet, a symbol for any cat characteristic, or even just because they’re absolutely adorable.

Cat ownership is a lot like having a weird, aloof roommate who only wants to talk when food is involved and who poops in a box. Cat people are grateful for this, for the most part. Cats require little maintenance and can be forced into cuddles if owners are willing to brave the claws which are only tiny barriers to the fluffy joy that is a cat’s coat.

The independence, bravery and spiritual value of cats add meaning to what some would claim to be silly tattoos.

 In the end, cats, like humans, just want love and will sleep on your keyboard until you give them that love.

After a pet passes away, it is expected that owners will grieve. Some owners grieve more intensely than others. 

Some get tattoos to commemorate their pets. These tattoos mark the memories made, things experienced and connections between owner and pet. Memorial tattoos have more meaning in one line than entire other pieces. Cat tattoos in memory of a lost pet should be acknowledged in the same way.

However, tattoos in the end are artwork. Choosing to put an image of a cat on your body forever is a huge commitment, so the image might as well be beautiful. The aesthetic value of tattoos is very controversial. Many believe all tattoos should have meaning when in fact some don’t. 

Tattoos exist for the purpose of adding beauty to one’s skin. Cats are so cute; it only makes sense that someone would want to look at one every day.

Cattoos are sweeping through the young adult population bringing cat people out of the bag. 

Many pawsome pieces of art are coming out of this trend proving cat lovers are anything but crazy.