Django Unchained makes unexpected appearance on Netflix


It’s safe to say that “Django Unchained” unexpectedly appearing on Netflix was a secret gift for those who miss the opportunity the first time, and others who simply just love the movie.

“Django Unchained” tells the story of a slave given the opportunity to gain his freedom and save his wife in exchange for assisting a bounty hunter.

Director Quentin Tarantino adds his own special twist to the romanticized western-hero-legend genre. It had all the classic elements: The violent shoot out, some beer shared in a saloon, a beautiful damsel. The most obvious difference is a former slave taking back his name in place of the white male protagonist.

And it gets better. Django is a true hero in this film for his fight for not his freedom, but his wife’s. Despite only having probably a 100 lines, Django’s silent presence, remarkable — if not a bit exaggerated — skills, and determination made him a hero that, ironically enough, made the man who gave him his freedom his sidekick.

Yet Christopher Waltz’s character — the German dentist and bounty hunter, Dr. Schultz — was not only a comic relief, but a character of dimension shown through his honor for his friendship with Django.

At times the relationship between the two made the movie; unfortunately, it was not developed enough. The amazing action sequences can only do so much to fill the void.

Now, despite the criticism that the movie was sexist for having Kerry Washington’s character, Broomhilda Von Shaft, be a helpless women, as a feminist, I still enjoyed the film and the character.

Von Shaft’s exhaustion, fear and loss of hope single handily made her character rounded. Most importantly, she reminded us that this film is not only to entertain us with Tarantino’s beautiful art of blood splatter, but demonstrate the horrors of slavery and its part in our history.

Yes, there were other scenes where this theme was played, but nothing compared to the spine trembling screams of Von Shaft being taken out of the “hot box.” This only made Django’s quest to rescue her even more compelling.

However, I was annoyed that one of the most interesting characters in the film had not one line, yet her appearance was not an accident.

The mysterious masked woman, who happens to be working with slave sellers, had multiple close ups, only to be suddenly killed. Tarantino missed the opportunity to develop a compelling character.

Overall, “Django Unchained” is a journey of watching the values of morality turn into glory and gore. The film is a mix of histories, romanticism and truth, reminding us that the fight for freedom is one that is worth fighting for.

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