Chelsea Handler’s irreverent humor uncensored on Netflix

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Earlier this year, Netflix announced that comedian Chelsea Handler would be joining the company to create a new late night show and several stand up specials. 

The first special from this deal is “Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me Live.”The special is based on Handler’s book of the same name — “Uganda Be Kidding Me.”

Here’s the thing about “Uganda Be Kidding Me”: if you don’t like Handler’s brash, blunt and offensive humor, then skip it. 

However, if you can totally take her irreverent jokes, then this is the perfect option for you.

For a taste of her humor, the comedian starts her special by telling the audience, “Are there any black people here? Smile so I can see you.”

Again, if you don’t find that funny, skip “Uganda Be Kidding Me” because it only escalates from there.

Throughout the special, Handler skewers everyone from her friends and dogs, to showing the audience various offensive photos and talking about how she didn’t want to take a tour of a concentration camp. 

However, if you like Handler’s humor, then this show is just for you.

While she does target a lot of people, the biggest one is Handler herself. There many incidents that Handler discusses, but the best one comes near the end of the special. I’ll leave out the details, but let’s just say it includes a kayak at a beach in the Bahamas.

The special reveals that Handler treats her dogs — Chunk and Jax — receive better travel arrangements than her employees. 

Handler talks about how one her writers is upset that she flew her dogs on a private jet to Canada for Thanksgiving. For her revenge, Handler flew that writer out on coach to walk her dogs that flew private onto the stage.

Behind Handler’s irreverent jokes is often a deeper meaning. At one point she brings up feminism and the expectations for women’s bodies. Of course like anything Handler does, her explanation is sprinkled with expletives and, most importantly, truth.

Netflix is the perfect place for Handler to show off her comedic chops. Unlike cable television, Handler is able to say whatever she wants without fear of being bleeped.

If you feel offended just from reading my diluted review of “Uganda Be Kidding Me”, then don’t add it to your list on Netflix. However, if you can handle Handler’s irreverent humor go watch it immediately.

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