Students ready to compete in 2014 Hall Olympics

Staff Writer

The 2014 Hall Olympics are set to kick-off on Nov. 10, as St. Edward’s University residence halls and commuters will battle it out in a variety of competitions for an entire week.

This year’s events will include a baking contest, scavenger hunt, trivia, inner tube water polo, sand volleyball and more. The winners of each competition will receive points toward their total score, with the highest scoring community being crowned champion at the closing ceremonies on Nov. 14.

The games, put on by the Residential Programming Board (RPB), worked to add new events that highlight all different skills residents may have, so that a wide range of students can contribute to their team’s success.

“We are working on adding an event for those who may not be athletic, gamey or crafty, but brainy,” Area Coordinator Sharnicia Dotson said.

Also different this year will be the prominence of the commuter team, as off-campus students are highly encouraged to participate in as many as events to show their Hilltopper pride.

Lead commuter assistant Michael Haywood has been working hard to ensure a successful team.

“Because there is no central location for commuters, we had to reach out in more ways to get more involvement,” Haywood said. “But we are really excited to participate.”

Residence halls are also excited, as resident assistants like the Village’s Michael Pacheco are getting their communities ready for the competitions.

“I am definitely most excited about the friendly competition between all the halls,” Pacheco said. “Go Lions, roar!”

The scavenger hunt is one of the week-long events that are able to garner the most participation, as many students are needed to help complete the tasks. Tasks on list include some unique challenges, such as photobombing a brother or pictures with all the residence directors.

Inner tube water polo is another popular game because it is a sport that most people have never played, which makes it entertaining to both watch and play.

“Inner tube water polo is an event we just started using last year,” RPB Executive Director Melissa Wilde said. “The students really get into it and the cheering from the sidelines gets very intense.”

All students are encouraged to watch and participate in as many events as they can. Residents looking to become involved with their halls events should ask their Resident Event Planners (REPs) committee for more information.

The competition kicks off with the torch run, Monday at 8 p.m. The Village, who won it all last year, will start the run from in front of their hall. It will proceed to every hall, and the commuters will be at the Recreation and Convocation Center (RCC) to end the run.

Water polo will open the games, and sand volleyball will close them on Nov. 14. The closing ceremonies will immediately follow and a new champion will be crowned.