Cheerleading coach resigns after 4 months

Sports Editor

Robb Walker, the head cheerleading coach at St. Edward’s University, abruptly resigned Nov. 19 after four months of employment.

Athletics Director Debbie Taylor confirmed Walker’s resignation, adding he gave no advanced notice.

“He requested that he not have to give his two week notice,” Taylor said.

Taylor claims no cheerleader filed a complaint with the athletic department about Walker, but did say she isn’t necessarily notified if there is a Title IX complaint against a coach.

Walker has not yet responded to Hilltop Views’ request for comment.

Taylor says there was no pressure from the athletic department to force Walker out and wasn’t sure where things went wrong.

“I wouldn’t say anything went downhill, you know. We’re excited about everything (Walker) has done,” Taylor said.

Megan Aust, a captain of the cheerleading team, isn’t sure either why Walker left.

“I do not know why he left but I don’t want to assume because that’s not fair to him,” Aust said. “We cheerleaders have been working extremely hard and we have become so much closer.”

Walker was present with the cheerleading team at the basketball game the night before his resignation on Nov. 18. The team is expected to continue to cheer as scheduled.

An interim coach has not been announced. However, Taylor hopes to have someone in place for January.

“I’m hoping that we can find another coach that will come in and just take this momentum that we have, and just continue to make the ground that we seem to be making this year,” Taylor said.

This is the second time in a year that a cheerleading coach has suddenly resigned.

Ann Carney, cheer coach for seven years, resigned last December. In her notifying email to the cheer team, she cited player assessments as playing a factor in her decision to leave.

The team’s athletic trainer for five years, Nicole Wilkins, was interim coach until Walker was hired in July. Taylor said Wilkins will not fill in again, because of other obligations.

Aust is looking forward to starting fresh, again, next semester. 

“We are excited to see what lies in front of us and can’t wait to have a strong semester in spring,” Aust said.