California police should take creepy clowns more seriously


In California, people decided it would be fun to dress up as clowns and carry around baseball bats and machetes.

These clowns look terrifying (just like the typical clown) and take pictures besides landmarks. Of course, this causes people to freak out.

And who can blame them? California police said they have gotten 20 phone calls reporting on these clowns. One 14-year-old boy was even arrested because he was chasing other kids while he was in a scary clown costume.

There’s even an Instagram account called “wascoclown” where people post creepy pictures in clown costumes at different landmarks. The pictures involve horrible captions like “come out and play.” This account has over 55,000 followers, sparking the question what is wrong with people?

There’s also a Twitter account called @RealWascoClown. The account has been deleted, but before this happened the biography was: “I am the creepy, evil-looking clown that is roaming the streets of Wasco, California at night. Come Find Me I will give you a balloon.”

Multiple Twitter accounts pretending to be Twisty, a clown from the TV show “American Horror Story,” have been made, but there has been no connection between these accounts and the Wasco Clowns.

However, the question has to be asked: Are people taking “American Horror Story” literally? Do people not understand that this show is made for entertainment purposes?

“American Horror Story” may not actually be connected to this at all. Hopefully it isn’t because disturbing things that happen on the show. If people start acting like these characters, these clown events will just get worse and worse.

Even if the Wasco Clowns aren’t connected to “American Horror Story,” different restrictions and actions definitely need to take place. Police have already started taking these cases seriously, but they really should keep track with the Instagram account and try to track these people that think dressing up like creepy clowns is funny.

Hopefully, these people behind the masks are just kids thinking this is funny, but who knows if that’s the case? And even if it is just kids, things could always get out of hand. This could turn into some kind of cult, or gang that could involve people getting injured.

Obviously, restrictions and precautions should happen immediately in these towns. Even if the whole thing is just for fun and games, it’s not funny to see a scary clown at night holding a baseball bat.