Abbott right choice for governor, Davis brings DC-style politics to Austin


This election is not about liberals versus conservatives. It’s about leadership.

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As Election Day nears, the gubernatorial race has been heating up between Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott and Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis. One of these two candidates will be Texas’s next governor and that person will not be Davis.

Abbott is the only candidate who is telling voters specifically how he plans to run the state. Davis has barely formed concepts. You cannot run the state without specifics.

Take education for example. Davis has vowed she will put the $5.4 billion that was cut a few years ago from public education if elected. While that is fine, but where does she plan to find that money?

Davis has said that she won’t increase taxes, but that’s the only way her policies can work. Texans do not need a tax and spend liberal for governor.

Davis could try to pull money from the rainy day fund, but she will have a hard time doing that because both chambers of the legislature will be controlled by Republicans.

Just imagine how deadlock and dysfunctional Washington, D.C. is right now because of a divided government and put that down the street at the Capitol. No one wants that.

Abbott has plans to bring Texas’s education system into the 21st century and make it number one in the country. His plan can actually become law once he is living in the Governor’s Mansion.

Abbott’s policies proposals are realistic and can actually become law. None of Davis’s concepts would ever pass the legislature.

This election is not about liberals versus conservatives. It’s about leadership.

Abbott has more leadership experience than Davis. He has been apart of leading Texas since the ’90s. Texas needs a leader, not a person who will pull the brake and stop Texas’s progress.

While Davis has been attacking Abbott’s character, he has told voters how he plans to fix the state’s problems. Take his transportation proposal. Abbott wants to enforce current laws and ensure that money intended for roads is used for roads.

In the ad that he discusses this he also tries to humanize himself by making a self-deprecating joke about how he can move faster in his wheelchair while traffic is bumper to bumper.

Davis has not done that. Instead her campaign has tried to sell her rags to riches story by leaving out key facts. While that may not matter, it does show the type of people Davis has around her: people who want to win by deceiving Texans.

Davis will be another name to add to the list of losing gubernatorial candidates in Texas history.

Abbott is the best choice for governor. No one in this race has his expansive resume, specific policy proposals and leadership. No one.

At the Texas Tribune Festival, Davis said, “I’m not going to lose.” Well, it’s time for a reality check for the senator; she will lose in November.