Adrian Peterson, NFL accused of having violence problems

Since the release of the TMZ video showing Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice punch his wife, more domestic violence cases have been piling up for NFL players.

Greg Hardy, Jonathan Dwyer and Ray McDonald have also been arrested and accused of domestic violence, with Hardy and Dwyer being deactivated by their respective teams.

Most notably, another star running back, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, has been arrested on child abuse charges for allegedly hitting his 4-year-old son with a tree branch or wooden switch.

Disturbing photos of the child’s body marks have been released, in which Houston’s CBS Sports host Nick Wright, described the story as “heartbreaking.”

“He (Peterson’s son) mentioned his reluctance to want to talk to police because daddy might hit him,” Wright said.

The boy’s mother also issued a statement, telling police her son informed her about being hit in the face by Peterson, stating that “daddy has a whooping room.”

Peterson was charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child, and was booked and released in Montgomery County, Texas after posting a $15,000 bond. On Sept. 17, Peterson was placed on the exempt-commissioners permission list, excluding him from all team activities.

No decision on Peterson’s future has been made yet, as NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy stated the case “will be reviewed under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.”

As for the diverse culture of students and faculty at St. Edward’s University, opinions on childhood discipline may vary. But one student, of African-American, Panamanian and Mexican descent, felt comfortable sharing his thoughts on the case and actual experiences for him growing up.

“I do have a problem the way Adrian Peterson disciplined his child,” John Rutherford said. “Every parent is entitled to the way they want to raise their children, the only concern I have is the object (Peterson) chose to use.”

Although Rutherford is against Peterson’s abuse towards his son, he still believes it is okay to discipline children to a certain extent, but at the same time, to know your limits.

“Is it okay to hit, yes it is.” said Rutherford. “Personally, I will not be physically touching my children if I have them one day. When I was growing up, you would get a spanking if you did something wrong. One time my mom did catch me with the back of the belt and after she realized I had a few small bruises, she never spanked me again.”