Prepare for winter by thinking out of the box with metallics, khaki

It’s almost sweater weather, and no, not in the classroom; that’s all year.

Cold weather is finally coming to us from the great beyond even after we step out of a building with the A/C blasting. Just be patient, and it will come.

While we’re waiting for this so called “below 90 degree weather,” we have to make sure our warm and fuzzy clothing options are stylish and ready to be worn throughout the fall and winter months.

This is the time when we can wear our coolest coats, boots, sweaters, pants and hats and actually feel the need to wear them.

So how are guys and girls dressing themselves for this season of cool? According to, men’s fashion is focusing on dark grey, black, and blue suits with thick long coats, striped sweaters, topped off with either a beanie or a wide brimmed hat.

But this is the fashion world, a world much different from the ordinary college world.

So how does freshman psychology major Zach Hester dress for the occasion? He likes to throw on a patterned jacket and a graphic shirt with some sunglasses (there’s still sun in the winter, everyone).

With a collection of jackets to choose from, paired up with some nice leather shoes, Zach’s fall outfit possibilities are endless.

Although men’s fashion is considered limited compared to women’s fashion, it really all depends on the person.

There is a whole variety of pants, shirts, shoes and even socks available to guys.

Guys, if you are feeling stuck with your fashion options, try something new, like a hat. Hats, especially in colder weather, can add a whole new vibe to an outfit that has already been worn five times in the same week.

Sometimes even a simple coat can do the trick. A neutral toned coat can be worn over any outfit and can often become a statement piece; not only in your wardrobe, but also in your style identity.

For ladies, on the other hand, fall fashion is turning back time to the sixties and straying away from the predictable dark cold colors, moving towards flashy metallics and military khaki.

According to French Vogue, fall and winter are going to be extravagant. Instead of the typical winter furs, designers like Alexander McQueen and Chloé are using feathers, velvet, and duvet as sources of warmth.

Now how do you combine all these French Vogue editors’ tips into an affordable, warm and stylish outfit?

Try a high waisted skirt with either tights or high socks and a fitted turtle neck shirt, all of which can be found at Buffalo Exchange or any thrift store.

Then add a simple cat eye for a classic sixties feel and you are ready to hit the streets of Paris. Or St. Edward’s University. Same thing.

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