Alumni Gym offers variety of classes to help students get fit

Staff Writer

It’s 2014 and the beginning of a new semester, with new faces and the newly renovated University Federal Credit Union Alumni Gym open for business. Fitness classes, club and intramural sports finally have a home to call their own, as Campus Recreation no longer has to share with the athletic department.

The new Alumni Gym also serves as a workspace for student leaders, meaning no more walking to the library, computer labs or waiting until they get home to take care of obligations.

Regardless of location, however, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Clint Jones, has high expectations for his student staff. He wants them to understand that what they offer is not just part time work, but rather skills that they can use after graduation.

Although the fitness classes are geared towards faculty and students, Jones hopes the classes will create an “atmosphere of wellness” that will stick with his staff throughout their lives.

The fitness classes offered include Zumba, spinning, yoga, kickboxing, Ab Blaster and much more. All classes will be held in the Alumni Gym, with the exception of Boot Camp on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are held at the Lewis-Chen Family Field.

Instructors work hard to create a supportive environment for their participants, often lightening the mood with humor.

“I try to make my classes funny,” Instructor Chaz Washington said. “By laughing you actually get double the ab workout.”

Zumba instructor Megan McNinch even compares her class to dance, keeping everybody loose and relaxed.

“Zumba is a one hour long dance party,” McNinch said. “It doesn’t feel like exercise at all.”

The classes provide an avenue for students to relieve their stress, allowing breaks from homework and a platform to test the limits of their bodies.

“I try to get in at least one hour of fitness a day,” freshman Tori Gonzales said. “It gets your endorphins up and allows you to see what your body is made of.”

If Campus Recreation’s 28 fitness classes are not enough, there are plenty of intramural sports to choose from as well. With flag football, volleyball, soccer and even racquetball offered, intramural sports give students an opportunity to get involved on campus and have fun.

“Do not be intimidated and do not be discouraged,” Jones said. “You are doing what you need to do to be fit. Everybody is healthy in their own way–live with what you got.”

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