Emma Watson announces gender equality campaign; not everyone bewitched

On Sept. 21, Emma Watson gave a powerful speech as the United Nations Women Global Goodwill Ambassador.

In her speech, Watson launched the HeForShe campaign regarding men and boys to fight for gender equality. Watson also touched many different topics regarding feminism and gender roles.

Many people have viewed her speech as ridiculous because the UN used a celebrity to get their campaign to become public.

Some people have even said that she will be the next victim in the celebrity nude photo leaks, and there’s even a website for it: EmmaYouAreNext.com.

All in all, these reactions are completely insane.

Watson is not just some dumb celebrity that does nothing and still makes money. She has worked incredibly hard her entire life working on multiple modeling jobs and movies including the famous “Harry Potter” franchise that she is essentially famous for.

She also graduated from Brown University and, while she was in school, she still acted in many different movies including “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” She has also done many humanitarian projects with UN women by visiting and helping in multiple countries such as Zambia and Uruguay.

Obviously, Watson is intelligent, hardworking, and she cares. Instead of sitting around and saying she’s a feminist and is against gender roles in interviews, she’s actually doing something about this problem. She’s taking a stand and fighting against gender injustice that happens everywhere in the world.

The fact that people can be angry with this is truly amazing. It just shows how campaigns like HeForShe are necessary.

Disregarding all the negative feedback, Watson’s speech was incredible. Having someone talk about these issues and say that they need to end is something that rarely happens or gets ignored.

The UN was extremely smart by letting her launch this campaign, so the issues she addressed would become more obvious and aware in the public eye.

Watson was correct in every aspect. From her proper and needed explanation of the word “feminism” to her descriptive segment about men suffering from gender roles, Watson’s speech was powerful.

Gender equality is so important and necessary in the world. Watson has inspired and moved millions of people to support and strive towards this goal. The world cannot wait to see what Watson and HeForShe does next.