Walker confident in leading new era for cheerleading team


The cheerleading team has entered a transition period in 2014, introducing a new head coach and holding auditions for St. Edward’s University’s remodeled mascot.

Hired in June, Robb Walker takes over a team that experienced some turmoil last year after the departure of his predecessor. However, Walker not only brings coaching credentials to the table, but also cheerleading experience.

“When I cheered in college, that was one of the best times,” Walker said. “My ultimate goal for the kids is for them to enjoy and have that college cheerleading experience.”

While anxious to recreate this same feeling amongst the team, Walker is confident in leading a new era of cheerleading on the Hilltop. The cheerleaders are a part of the school’s morale and community, a community that has welcomed him with open arms.

“Since I have been here I have met some great people,” Walker said. “I have become more involved with the St. Edward’s community and overall it has been a really great experience.”

The team recently held auditions for new members and a mascot, bringing in nine new recruits. Now totaling 23 students, Walker has a diverse cheerleading squad consisting of six men, 17 women and a team manager.

However, they are still searching for an energetic and dedicated mascot to rally students at athletic events, a point of emphasis for Walker.

“Elaborate stunts and tumbling are good, but we need to make sure our first rule is to support our teams and engage the crowd,” Walker said.

Walker also wants his cheerleaders to be an exemplary representation of St. Edward’s. From basketball to volleyball, he wants the team to attend as many games as possible.

“We are ambassadors for the university,” Walker said. “We must always make sure the school has a good name.”

As for the future, Walker, who highly values education, already has some ideas for acclimating prospective members.

“We will probably be doing some clinics next year in the spring, for potential cheerleaders who want to come,” Walker said. “I can assess their strength, tell them what they need to work on and just get them prepared for college.”

In addition to his plans for clinics, the team and community, Walker hopes the cheerleaders he works with come away with a fantastic experience.

“I want them to look back at it as one of the best times of their lives, going to St. Edward’s and being on the cheerleading squad,” Walker said.