New season calls for getting rid of unwanted wardrobe items


Selling or donating old clothes creates closet space and lets you get a fresh start this spring.

Staff Writer

If you are like me, getting rid of anything is hard. There is always something attached to an artifact, whether it be a memory of sentimental value, or something you loved at one point and no longer do.

This is especially true with clothes. Spring is the time when I know I need to get rid of things because the number of hangers in my closet starts to slowly dwindle until I suddenly realize I can no longer buy any more things because I will have no more room in my closet. This is when I have to really take a good look in my closet, take a deep breath and clear it out.

The question here is: is there an easy way to get rid of your clothes? And how do you know if it is time to give it up? If giving up clothing is something you struggle with, here are my spring cleaning suggestions that work for me.

1. Go through every piece of your closet. Chances are, you will find a lot of things you completely forgot you had. If you sincerely cannot remember the last time you wore a piece of clothing, it is probably time to go. Take those things out and toss them to the side.

2. Once you have sorted out the clothing you may not want anymore, hide them somewhere in your house for a couple of weeks. If you find that you have not missed any of the clothes that you tossed to the side, it is time to part with it. If you find yourself saying, “Where is…? I want to wear that!” then you still need it in your life.

3. Re-sell your clothes or give them away. Remember that your trash is another man’s treasure! Allow someone else to love your once-loved clothes.

4. You are now free of your old baggage. Take the money you earned to fill up your closet with new goodies, or just let your closet breathe with its newly found free space.