Mendoza aims to diversify SGA priorities, strives for new ideas

Mendoza works with many different groups on campus.

Mendoza works with many different groups on campus.

SGA Presidential Candidate

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Hey, St. Edward’s University. My name is Samantha Mendoza, and I am hoping to work with our lovely community as the president of the Student Government Association for the upcoming year. Although there has been much debate and discussion recently about this year’s race, I figured the best way to address the issues that have been raised is simple: by speaking from experience, and with absolute honesty and authenticity.

The truth is, I smile 24/7. I wear wedges on a daily basis. I love perfume and pencil skirts and all things pink. And I am a strong, intelligent, hard-working woman: a woman who has proven she can do more than just plan events.

But I do not want to be endorsed for my gender, nor my ethnicity, nor the fact that some silly article was written about me. I should be endorsed because in my time at St. Edward’s, I have worked in various offices with various populations of students, and these experiences have allowed me to develop an understanding of each person I have met along the way.

As an orientation leader I provided freshmen with a positive transitional experience into the university, and as the Anchors Coordinator for the Transitional Experiences Council I met with upper administration from admissions, athletics, and many other offices to discuss how to best address the needs of commuters, student athletes, living learning community students, international students, and the College Assistance Migrant Program. My positions with Hilltop Leadership Development have given me an understanding of ethical leadership and integrity, and my service experiences with Campus Ministry have humbled me in ways I never could have imagined.

I care about St. Edward’s, and I have worked hard to implement change on campus.

But this campaign isn’t about me. My vice presidential pick George Kuhle and I want this campaign to be about you. We want to create an SGA that does not discourage outside perspectives, but welcomes fresh ideas and student input from across campus. We don’t want to tell you that our SGA will communicate its ideas to the student body. We want to make it easier for you to communicate your ideas to us.

We don’t want to package the flaws of the student experience into three clear-cut issues. It is more complex than that because we are more complex than that. We are commuters and women and LGBT students and everything in between, each with our own unique issues and concerns and voices, and George and I want to hear every one of them.

Although it is impossible to address every specific here, we encourage you to chat with us to discuss any questions or ideas. Join us as we attempt to take SGA one step further, to bring life and vibrancy to campus and to increase student engagement in the political process.

Let’s have some fun.

Let’s vote for a new perspective on SGA, a perspective based on strong leadership experience and influenced entirely by your ideas and participation.

Let’s shake things up, St. Edward’s.