Birkenstocks, chokers make spring comeback with florals

Staff Writer

We all know that fashion is cyclical. Take high-wasted jeans, for example. When I started wearing those, the number of times I heard my mom say, “I think I had that same pair of jeans growing up!” was way more than I could count on my hands, and that is way too many.

Take Birkenstock sandals. At the beginning of the century, there was a period of time when I would check back at Payless (do not judge) once a week to see if they had my size in their version of the round-toed Birkenstocks that were all the rage during that time. You know the ones. Well, they are back, too.

Take choker necklaces. There is really no getting around the fact that cutting up your black panty-hose to make a choker necklace was only THE COOLEST THING EVER. And CiCi’s was not only good for their $5 pizza buffet and deliciously gluttonous cinnamon rolls, but also for the 25 cent chokers you could get out of the candy machine. Now, people are revisiting that trend, too. CiCi’s, unfortunately, is not included.

Take florals. At the numerous fashion shows that have taken place this year, florals adorned garments like never before. They were seen in marriages with lace, pastel colors and even, quite creatively, as 3D objects on garments. But unlike chokers, Birkenstocks and high-wasted jeans, whenever florals are in style, no one seems to think a trend is being revisited, because they are always in style. In this way, florals are like the color black – classic, sophisticated, yet girly.

For me, the great thing about florals is that from year to year, no one really gets tired of them. And as college students on a budget, we all know the longer the life of our clothing, the better. So from your grandmother’s vintage tablecloth to your newest floral find, it is safe to say there are endless possibilities with the print. I have to admit I have recently become a floral convert – and you should, too.