GOP will swoop over Senate, Obama to become lame duck

Each week, we explore both sides of a current issue through opposing Viewpoints. The alternate editorial for this week’s Face Off can be found here: “Democrats to keep control of Senate thanks to demographics.”

President Barack Obama and the Democrats’ dream of gaining control of the House of Representatives will not come true this year, but their nightmare most likely will — losing control of the Senate.

So many Senate seats up for grabs happen to be red state Democratic senators that are very vulnerable this year.

Currently the Democrats have a 55 seat majority. All the GOP needs to do is win 6 Senate seats to gain control. Republicans will win the races in West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana and Arkansas, according to FiveThirtyEight.

So this means the GOP needs to win two more seats to gain control. They can do it by taking out very vulnerable Democrats who won six years ago by relying on the Obama coalition, which tends not to vote in midterms.

Midterm voters tend to be older and white — exactly what the GOP needs to win in 2014. Now the Democrats’s base is young and diverse which is how they are able to win during presidential years. Democrats need to find a way to get their base out and voting during midterms.

Once they are able to do this they could easily dominate Washington, D.C. for years.

History is against Obama and the Democrats. When President Ronald Reagan wanted to keep control of the Senate in 1986, he used all the same strategies the Democrats are using today — he still lost it. If the extremely popular Reagan couldn’t keep the Senate then Obama certainly will not.

A possible bright spot for Democrats will be the Senate race in Kentucky where Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is fighting in the election of his life against Democrat Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. Currently, the race is dead even, but many polls have shown Grimes ahead of McConnell. Beating McConnell in the reliably Republican state will surely make losing the Senate somewhat easier for Democrats.

Unless something huge happens between now and Nov. 4 the GOP will gain control of the Senate and continue to control the House.

Losing the Senate will kill Obama’s agenda, effectively making him a lame duck earlier then expected. However, Obama’s loss may be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s gain if she runs for president in 2016.

Clinton will have long enough coat tails for almost any Democrat to latch onto giving her full control of Congress, and the ability to pass major legislation. Even if she has control of Congress, Clinton will reach out to the GOP to end the current era of extreme partisanship.

While the Democrats nightmare is about to become reality, the GOP’s is waiting for them in two years and it might be one they never wake up from.

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