Jenna on Cooking: Mashed Potatoes

My Grandmom was the master of mashed potatoes. It took her several years to perfect the recipe that became a family favorite.

Everyone has their own texture preferences when it comes to mashed potatoes. Some like them lumpy with a bit of skin left on. This recipe does not cater to those people. Grandmom’s potatoes are best described as whipped rather than mashed. She used a mixer rather than a masher. I have a hand mixer (it doesn’t do that great of a job), and in a pinch I’ve attempted to mash potatoes with a fork. 

Like my Grandmom did, make this recipe your own. Potatoes are cheap here and all over the world (I survived on these when I studied abroad). They go great with any meat cooked any way. They keep well for a week or so. They’re perfect for any amount of people you’re cooking for, and if you’re missing the perfect amount of an ingredient or two, you can easily make do with what you have. 

These instructions are copied from the recipe card Grandmom gave me with some minor adjustments for clarity. 

1. Two kinds of potatoes (two brown potatoes to one white). One potato per person will be more than enough.

2. Peel and cut into large cubes 

3. Place in large pot, cover with water and cook on the stove until soft. You can determine this by how easily a fork pierces one of the cubes—it should nearly fall apart. Drain.

4. In large mixing bowl, spoon over potatoes to fill about half of the bowl, add ¾ stick butter per batch, and mix slowly. Add half & half or milk until creamy. Salt to taste. 

5. Cream at higher speed until fluffy. 

6. Spoon over into serving bowl and repeat steps 4 and 5 until finished.