Documentary humanizes Mitt Romney after 2008 campaign


The documentary covers Mitt Romney’s run for presidency.

Viewpoints Editor

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“Mitt” is a documentary, produced by Netflix, that offers a peek into the life of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The movie follows Romney from his first presidential bid in 2008 up to Election Day 2012.

Looking back to the last presidential election, most people remember Romney as the flip-flopping rich stiff Mormon, or as Mitt liked to call himself, “the flippin’ Mormon.” He called himself that because of his portrayal by his opponents and the media, but Romney was more than that label, as the movie shows audiences.

The documentary does what Romney could not do in 2012—humanize him. Right from the start of the movie, Romney is joking around and playing with his family out in the snow in December 2007, then it moves it inside to their house where the Romneys decide whether or not Mitt should run for president. As we all know now, he did run for president in 2007 and failed, but what was so interesting was that after his loss, the whole family, including Mitt, ruled out another presidential run.

Well I guess Romney does live up to his “flippin’ Mormon” label because he did run again and got the Republican nomination.

While the politics are interesting, let us talk about Mitt’s weird habits. Several times during the movie Romney is seen picking up trash around his hotel rooms and parking lots. It is so weird to see this man who the country has stereotyped as a one-percenter picking up trash without thinking about it.

The best moment of “Mitt” did not even come from Mr. Romney. Instead, it came from Ann Romney. She was in her horse stable, with her prized Olympic dressage horse, Rafalca, talking to the director about Mitt. During the entire interview she is playing with the horse’s tongue. Yes, the horse’s tongue.

“Mitt” is a great movie that truly humanizes the robot we all know as Mitt Romney. Too bad the movie did not come out during the election.