New York senator better for Democrats in 2016


Sen. Gillibrand would be a good candidate for the 2016 race.

Former first lady, senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008. Although she lost that election, she is currently dominating the polls for the 2016 presidential race. 

Many people think that she could be the first woman president. However, she may not be the best candidate in 2016 for the Democratic Party.

No one would argue that Clinton is incapable or unqualified. She is probably more qualified than most people who do run, considering she lived in the white house for eight years, served as a senator for eight years, and was President Barack Obama’s secretary of state for four years. She is well educated, has won many awards — including a Grammy — and has a great track record as a civil servant.

If Obama had not won the race in 2008, Clinton would probably not have been appointed secretary of state —she probably would be president. That was an important role for her. She negotiated with our allies, traveled to over 100 countries, and worked with the after effects of the Arab Spring.

There is not much out there about the nominees for the presidential election in 2016, but we do know that Clinton is preferred over most of them. Clinton beat Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a hypothetical Democratic primary poll held by the Washington Post and ABC News.

In the hypothetical Republican primary, 2012 Republican Vice President nominee and current Rep. Paul Ryan held the lead, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Even though Clinton may be the popular Democratic vote, it is possible that she is not the best option for the U.S. right now.

Clinton is a celebrity.

There are few that do not admire her tenaciousness and her intelligence. This is why she should not run for president.

If people are frustrated by the gridlock in Congress currently, imagine how difficult it would be when every Republican is bringing up the Monica Lewinsky situation. She has too much connotation in her name.

Her opponents would be reluctant to side with her simply because she is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

She has already accomplished so much in her life; does she really want to be president on top of everything else?

The presidency has turned Obama from energetic and hopeful to tense and salt-and-peppered. I’m not so sure that’s a good look on Clinton.

Although Clinton may not be the right option, her predecessor might be.

After Clinton left for the State Department, now-Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand took her seat as a senator of New York. She has held the seat for six years.

Gillibrand has been making headlines lately for her involvement in reforming military policy for sexual assault.

She has also strongly advocated for women’s reproductive rights and gay marriage rights. Gillibrand was a key player in questioning the constitutionality of the Defense Against Marriage Act and pushed for its repeal.

She is outspoken, articulate and cares about her constituents. Gillibrand would definitely be a new face to the Democratic presidential nominees and mix up the usual lineup.

Gillibrand has pledged her support to Clinton, but maybe she should consider running herself.

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