Katie Brown on Beauty: Unexpected lipgloss love affair

When I first began to get really into makeup my junior year of high school, I made my first MAC lipstick purchase. No, it wasn’t one of their classics like Viva Glam, MAC Red or Rebel; it was a Barbie pink called Lovelorn.

I made this purchase before I had the very important realization that pink lipstick does not look good on me. Well, the Barbie pink shade doesn’t. Actually, does that color even look good on anyone? 

I’ve tried my fair share of pink lip products. I actually think my second MAC lipstick purchase was a bright fuchsia shade called Girl About Town. I remembering loving this for a couple months before moving on to some new shades that I found complimented my skin tone a bit more.

As a TMI aside: this lipstick would somehow always end up on my over-sized teeth which we all know is never a good look and reminds me of my grandmother who always kisses me with her brown shimmery lipstick during the holidays.

Anways, lipgloss: I really don’t understand how people can wear most of this stuff. No, I don’t want that sticky feeling on my lips or my hair to get stuck in it whenever the faintest of winds blow.

But I’ve recently made discovery: while on a recent “pick me up” makeup shopping excursion at Ulta, a hot pink shade stopped my furiously skimming eyes in their track.

It was a lipgloss from Revlon (one of my favorite drugstore brands) and was the last one left. Did I mention it was hot pink? Also, it was shimmery and waaaaay out of my comfort zone. However, I own only one lipgloss that I bought over a year ago, so I decided maybe it was time to give another one a shot. It couldn’t hurt.

I’m not going to lie, what made me like this lipgloss more is not only Revlon’s sleek and simple packaging, but also the name – Adorned. After a day of testing out my new-found product, I give you my verdict:

  1. The formula of these lipglosses makes this not your average lipgloss and I actually found it hydrating. It isn’t sticky. It isn’t gloopy. It goes on nicely with a thin layer and gives off a lot of color.
  2. It isn’t overly shimmery on the lips. You will be alarmed by the tube, but don’t be.

As the say, out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.