Davis stands up for education in new plan, Republicans mum


‘Great Teachers: Great Texas’ is the path for Texas, if funded.

Viewpoints Editor

Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis recently announced her plans for education if she is elected governor. Davis’s plan is called “Great Teachers: Great Texas,” and is a one of many education proposals her campaign plans to announce in the future.

“Great Teachers: Great Texas” is a good plan for Texas, but it has one major flaw how will Davis fund it if she is elected?

The major piece of her proposal is that Texas students graduating in the top 20 percent of their high school class will automatically be accepted into any state-run college or university and after they graduate college they are guaranteed a job as a teacher, as long as they receive a teaching certificate. Other parts of Davis’s plan include a pay raise for current teachers, providing enough resources to the state’s main financial incentive program for teacher training and creating a pathway for teaching readiness.

These are all great ideas for Texas that could improve public education if implemented, but the Davis campaign failed to outline exactly how the candidate will pay for her plan if elected governor. All Davis said was that the legislature could find a way to fund it without raising taxes.

While Davis’s plan lacks specifics on funding, her most likely Republican opponent in November Attorney General Greg Abbott has been mum on what he plans to do for education.

During a tour of Texas charter schools, Abbott has talked about boosting the roles of charter schools in creating competition in public education and introducing better technology in the classroom. While Davis’s plan may be “fuzzy math,” according to Abbott, at least she has a plan for public education–unlike him.

Increasing the number of charter schools is not the right path for Texas. Charter schools do not have the student interests in mind; they are in the education business for just that: money. Public education should not be for profit, it should be for students and their future.

The senator is friend and advocate for public education; the attorney general is not; instead he is a threat to Texas public education. Abbott will continue the same policies as current Gov. Rick Perry and cut the education budget until there is nothing left.

Davis has proven that she is willing to protect education at any costs. In 2011, she filibustered a bill that would cut $4 billion from education; her filibuster delayed the bill until it was passed during a special session called by Perry.

The senator is the leader that this state needs. Davis is willing to stand up, literally and figuratively, for Texans that do not have the money or power to impact policy. It’s time for Texans to stand up for Davis and elect her the 48th governor of Texas.

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