Christie controversy continues, Americans should get over it

Staff Writer

There are some people in this world that I just don’t trust. At the top of that list are conservatives, people from New Jersey and people with two first names.

I don’t trust conservatives because moderation is for people who don’t live in a place with the motto “everything is bigger!” People from New Jersey get the boot because I’ve seen “Jersey Shore.” People with two first names are just weird, including Peter Parker and excluding Bruce Wayne.

So, what is the exception that proves these rules? New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The truth is, I never really trusted bridges, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard about the September bridge closure that halted two access lanes on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge. This bridge is a major part of commuter traffic between New Jersey and New York, so it was four days of “The Godfather” meets “Goodfellas,” but with less mob violence and more funny accented angry people.

A bridge closure would not be a scandal if Christie weren’t accused of closing the bridge for political vengeance against a Democratic mayor for not endorsing the governor’s reelection bid. Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich did just that and some theorize that the bridge closure was retribution for not endorsing Christie.

The governor has since claimed that he could not have picked Sokolich “out of a line-up.” Seeing as there are 565 municipalities in New Jersey and Christie won reelection by a landslide, it’s safe to assume that he did not take Sokolich’s non-endorsement personally.

Christie fired those who have been named the rogues in this scandal—his Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly and Campaign Manager Bill Stepien.

Christie stated that he is “embarrassed and humiliated” by the conduct of some of the members of his team. These are people who were in charge of themselves and helping Christie’s career—not the other way around.

Virtually everyone in the media is attempting to villainize Christie for knowing the people who orchestrated the bridge congestion.

A main argument is that there is no way Christie would not have known what was going on within his administration. Guys, I lived with my mom for 16 years and she still has no idea what went on inside of her “administration.”

I think people need to take a step back from this event to look at an otherwise flawless career. The only “dirt” on Chris Christie is that his aunt’s second husband’s brother was an organized crime figure, if mobster movies are to be believed. It’s New Jersey, people—everyone is related to someone in organized crime; go watch “Goodfellas” for reference. I mean, even the guy from “Cake Boss” is pretty shady.

As a Morris County legislator, Christie helped decrease county taxes by 6.6 percent, according to As an attorney, Christie had 130 convictions against zero acquittals for the public officials he indicted, according to the Huffington Post.

As a governor, Christie praised President Barack Obama for disaster relief efforts even though his Republican instincts screamed profanities after Hurricane Sandy devastated his state.

When the NRA mentioned Obama’s children, Christie rightfully reproached them—again, standing up for what he believes instead of what he is told to believe.

I don’t like a lot of politicians, but I like Christie. People he knows made a mistake, but I think we need to make like those commuters on the George Washington Bridge and just get over it.

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