Pale pink offers playful, fresh break from usual winter wear

Staff Writer

Topper Trends is a biweekly style column. Hilltop Views staff writer Katie Brown takes on prevailing trends in the world of fashion.

When it gets to be cold, it is pretty rare to see bright colors in the usual abyss of black coats. As someone who likes to wear dark colors pretty much all year round, I have got to admit that it can be difficult for me to venture out into the wonderful world of color. This season, however, I have got my sights set on something a little out of the norm.

After doing some intense research for this article (a.k.a. turning the pages of Vogue and ooh-ing over the Topshop website…tough job, huh?), I began to recognize the appearance of a fairly unusual wintertime color: baby pink.

The inner girly girl in me loves pink, but chances are, you probably will not find me wearing it. An outsider would think it might be my favorite color (my laptop case, cell phone case, and agenda are all shades of pink), but I can honestly say that you will not find a lot of pink hanging in my closet.

However, I have a feeling that is all about to change. What was once a childish and somewhat cheesy color has been transformed into something chic and completely wearable. I have particularly got my eye on a baby pink winter coat this season, which have been wildly appearing on fashion blogs and in stores alike.

Although I was a bit iffy at first, the idea of it has grown on me. I am starting to desire that little pop of pink as a refreshing contrast to my usual winter outfits. While rummaging through the $1 Target section the other day, I ran into a cute little pair of baby pink winter gloves. As the usual Texan who does not currently own a pair of gloves, I quickly snatched them as a result of the freezing weather and my recent love of baby pink. Next on my list? I need a baby pink coat.

As this is my last fashion article of the fall semester, I bid all my readers adieu and hope that your holiday season is filled with good food, family, happiness and, of course, style. Happy holidays and see you next year!