Haught selected as Heartland golfer of the week

Staff Writer

For the third time in her college career, St. Edward’s University’s women’s golf player Haley Haught was named Heartland Conference Golfer of the Week for Oct. 21-27. Leading the field with 26 pars and finishing second individually, Haught helped guide the Hilltoppers to third place in the Sonoma State Fall Invitational.

Haught, junior, has been playing golf since the summer before her freshman year of high school, equating to more than seven years on the green. She started as a volleyball and softball player but due to a third-degree strain on her left ankle, Haught was no longer able to play agility sports. Fortunately, her grandparents introduced her to golf.

The transition from an agility sport to one where you are mostly standing in place was difficult for Haught. At first she found the sport quite boring but over time, she began to love it.

“18 holes used to seem like forever, but I learned to focus on each shot one by one,” Haught said. “Golf is much more of a mental sport, but it still takes great strength.”

Haught has to wake up at 4:45 a.m. to get ready for practice. Even though it is very early, Haught says she still feels motivated to go because of the potential of the team and their past successes. Haught’s teammates and coach are also an encouragement, as they keep her focused on doing her best.

Haught is one of five girls on the St. Edward’s traveling golf team. According to Haught, her team is like her family because they spend all their time together studying or hanging out, which has helped build trust. Trust is very important to Haught, especially during games when the girls really need to rely on each other to help lift up the team.

Away from school, she golfs with her sister, father and her grandparents on occasion. Although Haught is going to pursue a career path that does not include golf, she hopes to always keep the sport in her life. When she gets older, Haught may even try to help out during golf tournaments by making advertisements, or anything to stay involved, citing the sport as a positive influence on her life.

“Golf has given me different life skills, such as patience, honesty and integrity,” Haught said, “not even just in life, but in school to be more punctual and persistent.”