Colder temperatures present prime time for wearing plaid


Plaid skirts and shirts offer a versatile, timeless style. 

Staff Writer

When fall finally rolls around, a few things tend to roll around with it. This includes, but is not limited to: coffee drinks with seasonal flavors (pumpkin…duh), complaining about the cold, new boots, an abundance of scarves before the temperature gets below 60 degrees…and plaid.

Plaid is like leather, which you may know from my previous article that I have much love for. It is just one of those prints that will probably never become so unbearably out of style that people stare at you when you wear it (I am looking at you, Paisley). I predict that it will always be an acceptable and, most of the time, spot-on trend.

There is just something about the lumberjack-esque print that is so universally likeable between both men and women. It is comfortable, flattering and versatile.

It is also really easy to get your hands on. Walk into any thrift store and you should have a pretty good selection of your plaid prints. I like to scour through the men’s flannel section because I tend to like to mix an oversized flannel with a t-shirt and a skirt to keep it looking feminine.

But it is not just wearing plaid on the top that is in these days, but also on the bottom half. Plaid skirts are another fall trend that provide an alternative to your usual black skirt. In case this reminds you too much of your private school days, keep it from looking overly “school girl” by pairing it with an oversized sweater and boots.

Or, if you are feeling a bit daring in the print department, take the monochrome trend to the next level by sporting plaid from head to toe. This look can be done flawlessly with a pair of fitted trousers and a fitted shirt (both in the same print) for a very chic, alternative way to plaid it out.

Side note: After typing the word “plaid” so much, I realized it is one of those words that when you stare at it long enough, it looks completely wrong and weird and then you start to second guess every word in the English language.