Welcome winter with the rich texture of comfortable sweaters

Topper Trends is a biweekly style column. Hilltop Views staff writer Katie Brown takes on prevailing trends in the world of fashion. 

This winter, the average sweater is being taken to a new level–and a much better level, at that. Fluffy sweaters in many sizes, colors and shapes are taking over in both high-end and affordable stores. Not only do these look really cool and add an unlikely texture to your outfit, but it also feels like you are covered in fur as soft as your cat’s…in the best way possible.

I am sure many of you remember wearing those sweaters back in the day that are so appropriately termed “eyelash sweaters.” Yes, this means there is yet another ‘90s trend that has made its way back into our lives. Speaking of which, I remember my very own eyelash sweater like it was yesterday: orange and cropped, with beads hanging along the bottom edge. Ahh, nostalgia hits me like my once-undenying love for body glitter.

I ran into my first current fluffy jumper experience while shopping at H&M. I caught a glimpse of it in the corner of my eye, misplaced on a rack full of unorganized clothes. It was like it was meant for me, being the only one on the rack (this may seem slightly dramatic, but I know many of you have felt this way before).

I picked it up off the rack and fearfully looked at the tag, full of hope that it was both my size and inexpensive, and behold! It was my size and a mere $15. Now that is fate.

So, I bought it. This was obviously an opportunity that I just could not bear to pass up.

What made me love fluffy sweaters even more was when I stumbled upon a promotional photo of Katy Perry for her new album “Prism.” She is wrapped up in a mustard yellow-colored fuzzy sweater that would make anyone want one, Katy Perry fan or not.

My fuzzy sweater love then hit its high point when I saw a photo of Miranda Kerr wearing a cream colored one. Although her level of chic can only be reached if you actually are Miranda Kerr, if it is good enough for her then it is good enough for me.

It is only a matter of time before those one-size fits all, stretchy, “popcorn” shirts come back in style. Or maybe those are better off being a once in a lifetime thing…