Season’s fitted silhouettes update timeless leather jackets

There are only a handful of things that never go out of style in this world.

Actually, when you think about it, this statement not only applies to fashion, but to everything else. Houses, cars, novels, technology and art all change throughout the years according to what is “in style.” And as members of this culture and society, we change with it.

While this is sometimes hard to wrap our heads around, it is always fun to look back on times when things were very different. Whether it be a black and white photo of your grandma in her twenties or a vintage dress you have scavenged from a thrift store, there is a certain appreciation for the simplicity of how things were back in the day.

Now back to my note about only being a handful of things that never go out of style. I got to thinking the other day about my seemingly eternal love for leather, and how it truly never goes out of style.

The sleek material has a little something other fabrics do not: the ability to be versatile and mesh with the changing times.

The best example of a timeless style staple for both men and women is the leather jacket. I am pretty sure my dad currently has an old, oversized, quilted leather jacket hanging up in his closet that I may have stolen for an “’80s dress up day” in high school. While the leather jacket hanging in my closet is a little (okay, a lot) different, the point is that everyone has liked leather at some point in his or her life. It is classic. It is beautiful.

This season, leather has made its appearance in the form of chic, fitted silhouettes and has also been used to accent pieces in order to add a bit of elegance. A trend I have seen recently has been a soft shirt with leather sleeves, or jackets with full leather sleeves for a modern take on a leather shirt or jacket.

This is not to say that you cannot go all-out on the leather, of course. For me, a nice pair of leather pants is currently at the top of my wish list, although my college student budget may force me to have to settle for pleather. At least I will be saving the cows.